Who am I?

I'm a wife, a mom, a grammy. I'm a knitter, a seamstress, a geek, a musician. I'm a follower of BSOs (bright, shiny objects) and as such I've learned many skills, and as they say, I'm a master of none.

This blog is several things. It's a record of some of my interests, but by no means all of them. If you go back far enough, you'll run across some activism, but I doubt you'll find mention of my flirtation with community theatre. It's my time in theatre that built my sewing skills, made me finally comfortable playing piano in front of an audience, and gave me skills in PR, customer service, production, and team building. The last bit translates well to my job in Customer Relations and technical support for an online fundraising  company.

This blog is also a record of things I'm learning or I hope to learn before I cross the bar. There is much to learn and skills to improve. Join me on the journey.

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