Thursday, March 01, 2012

Randomness 3.1

We spent last weekend at CBTL. It's not heated yet, but the Eden Pure heater kept the chill at bay. *Reminder to look for a pellet stove for next year. With being really overloaded with work, I'm ready to get away.


Meanwhile, while I was trying to write a blog this morning, DH starts talking about The Anxiety Wrap, a jacket that is supposed to keep dogs calm during thunderstorm. I will admit that while I was writing, I was  mildly annoyed by the distraction, but now that I see it, I do wonder how well it works. He's had a couple customers swear by it.

I almost have 40 hours in at work and it's only Thursday. We're kind of toying with the idea that I might be able to log out on time, or maybe early, to go to the Home and Garden Show. Wonder what today will bring.

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