Monday, March 19, 2012

March Knitting and Weekend Round-up

So much in my queue, perhaps too much for being in the throes of the busy season at work. I finally finished the January KAL with Keep On Knitting in the Free World. I skipped the February one altogether (maybe will pick that one up in the fall), and went straight into the February and March granddaughter projects. I don't have pix of the girls in them, but I'm hoping that DS2 and his lovely wife will send pics with the girls in them.

Laurelhurst SockMy new knitting project is the March KAL, these lovely socks. I'm using Marion Foale 3 ply Wool, and I love the look and feel. I'm not sure if it's from watching Harry Potter "The Half-Blood Prince" while knitting this, but I have this Wicked Witch feeling from these, especially if they were wider stripes and maybe in black and white. I've really missed knitting socks. Last year I usually carried a sock in my purse for when I had a free minute. I stashed this one in my purse when I went to see John Carter on Friday and it was a good thing. My friends were late so I did have some knitting time.

Happy St Patrick's Eve
Shortly after my friends showed up, so did these guys, The Shamrock Club showed up to serenade us at Champps. There is nothing quite like hearing the Buckeye Battle Cry on bagpipes. They played for about 15 minutes, and this was only a small section of the group. I didn't count them, but there were probably 20-25 pipers there along with the drums.

Oh hail!The last bit of weekend excitement was the line of thunderstorms that smacked into us late Sunday. The weather guys showed all kinds of pictures of a line of potential tornadoes that thankfully never became actual tornadoes on the opposite side of the city. The weather guy from WSYX mentioned off hand some rotation on our side of town, and we went outside and saw clouds on the SE side of the house moving NW and ones on the NW side moving SE. Fortunately, that was all we saw cloudwise. We did see some of these guys, though.

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