Sunday, January 08, 2012

That was fast.

I think I'm out of control. It sure didn't take long to get my queue overloaded. After posting the pay it forward post on Facebook, I've gotten 5 projects lined up. One is time sensitive, it's also a gift for a wedding. I'll be making this tea cosy. I'd noticed it in the bride's Pinterest boards before Christmas, so it will be perfect for paying it forward.

Today I brought home a dress for this same wedding. The bride's sister's dress needs some alterations. It needs to be done by Wednesday. It's just making the shoulder straps a little longer. Shouldn't take too long.

Next, I just got a text from my son, the same one who requested the Team Zissou hats. He's asked me to make him this Link hat from Zelda for his roommate's birthday, which is 2 days before my son's. Mental note, I need to make something for my son.

Meanwhile, I have yet to start my Granddaughter Project for January and I'm working on my Willamette scarf. I had to frog it a few times. It's taken a long time for me to get the hang of linen stitch. I finally got it.
Linen stitch on the Willamette Scarf

I've got a lot planned and in progress. Let's see how much I can finish this week.

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