Tuesday, January 03, 2012

More January Craftiness

The links I posted yesterday aren't the only things I'm up to this month. I didn't list the knittery things. You know me. There are always knittery things.

Most notable at this point are these Easy Peasy Legwarmers for my cousin. She lives in the hinterland of Missouri where legwarmers aren't a new trend, but still an old fad. It's also already very cold and her legs get chilled. I know the feeling. I already made a pair of these for me last year--in acrylic. Hers are nice, warm umber-colored natural wool.

The other is the Willamette Scarf from the Stumptown Knits KAL. I'm using some stash sock yarn for this one. I'd run across a good buy for some Serenity by Deborah Norville. The colorway is Tanzanite, and I think it will do this project justice.

Of course, none of this has gotten much done today because I gave the blog a face lift. Hope you like the new look. There will undoubtedly be some tweaking for a few days, but the new fresh look is here to stay. 

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Alison said...

Omigoodness! That is a fantastic facelift!