Friday, January 06, 2012

Happy 12th Day of Christmas

No post yesterday because I was busy celebrating Twelfth Night with my family. It wasn't a planned 12th Night celebration, but it was when we finally could get together to open Christmas gifts with the visiting Texas crowd. It did give my son an interesting idea, however. Their youngest daughter turned one on Christmas Day, and they have been deliberating how to keep Christmas and her birthday. Celebrating Epiphany may be one solution. Another would be to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with a big 12th Night Celebration for Jesus' birthday and save Christmas for Moriah's. Maybe this is why I've been fascinated with the Twelve Days of Christmas this year.

Meanwhile, watching the girls play and catching up with their parents was the highlight of my week. Having it hit Twelfth Night was coincidental and appropriate. My son and I are Shakespeare people. I used to assistant direct and costume for a Shakespeare company. He once played Sir Toby in Twelfth Night. Putting it together with the celebration of Christmas was fun for us. Oh, and some trivia: for those of us bothered by the rampant consumerism of starting Christmas at Halloween, there is a tradition of the Christmas season starting at All Hallow's Eve and going through Candlemas (February 2). Maybe we should just embrace it.

Meanwhile, I'm channeling some of The Yarn Harlot's "Startitis".  I've already finished leggings for my cousin. I'm itching to cast on the Willamette Scarf, but first I need to make one of these for a cyber friend whose baby is due next month. This on top of the lists I've already posted.

It's taken 12 days, but I'm ready to put Christmas 2011 behind me and start working on new and wonderful things.

Happy Twelfth Day of Christmas. God bless us every one.

Ps. As I finished this, R2 provided this link. My list continues to grow.

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