Wednesday, January 04, 2012

First project done

...well almost. The Easy Peasy legwarmers are nearly finished. I had to crack open a new skein of yarn for the last inch of ribbing. I was also severely distracted by last night's return of NCIS (what we on Twitter call #NCIS day) and then today's corresponding NCIS hangover. I'm staying up tonight to finish. It's only an inch. How long can that take? Meanwhile, this is what they look like:

I was hoping to start the Willamette Scarf tonight. Now, tomorrow doesn't look good either. Besides it being 12th Night, our middle son, his wife, and their daughters are coming over to finally celebrate Christmas--just in time. Since I'm also hoping to do some sewing before we celebrate the youngest's Christmas birthday on Saturday, I suspect that it will be next week before I start that scarf. If I can hold out that long.

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Susan said...

Love the new background!