Sunday, October 09, 2011

18 Minute Muscles

My body is still reshaping after my weight loss and, while I'm thrilled with losing this much weigh, I'm not completely thrilled with all the results. I know that my skin won't all bounce back. I'm hoping that adding some muscle will help. I'm also facing my 3rd winter of working out and I know just how hard that is. At one time I would have considered buying some workout equipment that I know I would ignore eventually. I have learned to like the free and the more organic workout. These suggestions I found in my Reader this weekend are right up my alley. The writer is talking about 18 minutes of bodyweight workout, and it's what I've been thinking of doing: adding push-ups, crunches, (more squats), etc. I like this plan.

I'm thinking of what Sean Murray said last year, "full on McMuscles." That's the new goal.

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Anonymous said...

One cheap piece of equipment that's incredibly versatile is a resistance tube. I use that and body weight exercises instead of weights and that's really all I need.