Thursday, October 27, 2011

TARDIS and TeamZissou

I finished knitting my TARDIS socks and now I have a covey of college students clamoring for red beanies ala Steve Zissou and "Life Aquatic." I have lots of knitting to do, and the bright yarn might burn my retinas.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I Got the E-reader Blues.

I want an e-reader.

Just part of my collection.
It's stupid really. For the last several years I haven't read more than 2 books a year, and that might be stretching things. Never mind that I have 3 bookshelves filled with books, or that i have a history of being a voracious reader. I just don't read anymore.

I can't justify the purchase of an e-reader. At least not reasonably. I just upgraded my phone, and if I'd been wise, I could have gotten a much cheaper phone AND an e-reader for the same amount of money. Yet I try to rationalize the need for one.

  • I'd read more if I had it.
  • I could get rid of my real-book library and go digital
  • I would have fewer possessions if I didn't own all these books
  • What could be more minimalist that having e-books?
Go ahead and Gibbs slap me now. Truth of the matter is, I want another new toy. As if all the tech I already have isn't enough. 

I had a conversation with an online acquaintance about selling some of my books. I know that one or perhaps two are worth some real money. The rest are worth more as a tax write off when I donate them to the library. After talking with her, I looked at the shelves of unread books that I would sell and realized, I still want to read most of them. It makes no sense to replace them with e-books, especially if I have to purchase new ones. 

IMG_4991.jpgSo here's the new plan:  I'm going to sort out the books that I know won't read and then I'll start reading what's left. When I can get this collection down to one bookshelf, I'll consider the possibility of buying an e-reader, but not before. 

This weekend I start our October tradition: Something Wicked This Way Comes, by Ray Bradbury.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

18 Minute Muscles

My body is still reshaping after my weight loss and, while I'm thrilled with losing this much weigh, I'm not completely thrilled with all the results. I know that my skin won't all bounce back. I'm hoping that adding some muscle will help. I'm also facing my 3rd winter of working out and I know just how hard that is. At one time I would have considered buying some workout equipment that I know I would ignore eventually. I have learned to like the free and the more organic workout. These suggestions I found in my Reader this weekend are right up my alley. The writer is talking about 18 minutes of bodyweight workout, and it's what I've been thinking of doing: adding push-ups, crunches, (more squats), etc. I like this plan.

I'm thinking of what Sean Murray said last year, "full on McMuscles." That's the new goal.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Coming Attractions

I've been AWOL this week and I'll have some things to share, but my youngest son has been home from college and I've been enjoying his company. Even if we weren't related I would want to hang with them. I haven't seen this one since January. Our visit has been long overdue.

Meanwhile, I've been giving some thought to upcoming posts on Occupy Wall Street, education (specifically college education), and the death of Steve Jobs. These three topics have merged in my mind. I'm going to have to share--after my son leaves.

I've also been working on my TARDIS  sock for Socktoberfest. I haven't done much color change work for a while. It's cool watch it happen, but for the first time I'm dreading the second sock. Maybe by the time I turn the heel that will pass. I have planned my second sock pattern for the month: Duckies, which is in my Ravelry queue only because of the NCIS reference in my mind.