Monday, September 12, 2011

Simplify September: Week 1

Depending on your point of view, I'm either early or late for this post. I'd been planning to do Minimizing Mondays, recording my attempts at scaling down my stuff and simplifying my life. However, this Monday I had to share my marathon story, and it's a pretty long post, so I'm moving this to Tuesday, kinda of.

In its own way finishing the 1/2 was one way I've simplified my life. I finally can get back to walking and be done with training. My walks can be more about clearing my head and staying healthy and less about distance and pace. I enjoyed my walk less when it was focused on results. I'm looking forward to not setting the timer on my phone and just walking.

When it comes to practical, physical scaling down, last week we got rid of an old freezer that we've been keeping plugged in even though it was usually empty. We'll be getting $50 back from AEP's appliance recycling program. They are only paying $35 right now; we got in on a special offer. But unplugging the freezer plus a $50 check is a pretty good start for the month.

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