Thursday, September 22, 2011

File this under "Obvious"

I went into the kitchen this morning to get a bowl of cereal and discovered that the only bowls that were clean were either the baby bear bowls or the the papa bear bowls. The former are little ones that I use mostly for late night snacks. Or I use them for a little fast breaker before a walk then have second breakfast once I'm home and showered. The latter are the ones that came with my dishes: the ones that were the selling point when hubby bought me those dishes for Christmas one year. BIG BOWLS. When it comes to everyday breakfast bowls it seems we both prefer Tupperware cereal bowls. Unfortunately, we only have 3. I'm not sure where the 4th one went. I suspect it melted somewhere along the way. Until recently, we filled the gap with some cheap GFS bowls we'd bought for salsa for our son's Chipotle-catered wedding rehearsal dinner. I tossed the last of those bowls last month.

Here's where the obvious part comes in. I opened the cupboard this morning and the mama-sized bowls are gone. That means that yesterday DH and I each used one. He used one this morning, and now I'm stuck with just using a baby-sized bowl or a papa-sized bowl because the 3 mama-sized bowls are in the dishwasher waiting for a full load to run it. As I stood in front of the cupboard debating on the baby bowl or the papa bowl I realized that I could just hand wash one of the mama-sized bowls.

Now the light comes on. I need extra dishes, glasses, coffee mugs because I don't run the dishwasher every day. Of course we need to have enough dishes for guests if we have more than just the two of us for dinner. But even when the boys where home, we sometimes went 2 days before we ran the dishwasher. The ugly fact is, I'm storing dirty dishes. Not only that, but I'm storing dirty dishes until I have enough to wash them. *blink*

Suddenly using my dishwasher makes absolutely no sense, especially my dishes are coated with white junk since detergent companies removed the phosphates. If I hand wash my dishes, I need fewer dishes altogether because I don't need extras to use while I'm waiting for the dishes to be washed. Now I want to go through my cupboards and see what I have been keeping just so I have enough backup for what I've been storing in the dishwasher.



Tracy said...

Don't forget that the dishwasher does make a very effective and counter-space-saving dish drainer.


Sandy B said...

I was just thinking that last night, Tracy. Good idea. Thanks.