Friday, August 19, 2011

First Steps

I am uncomfortable. 

Ever have one of those times in your life where everything feels like a drag on your energy? That is where I am now. What makes it worse is when your coping mechanisms become part of the problem.

For me, walking is one of my coping mechanisms. I find that if I start the morning with a walk the day goes better. I usually walk 45 minutes to an hour 3-5 days a week. I think of it as the time I used to spend commuting I now spend it on a healthier lifestyle.

Now that I'm weeks away from walking a half marathon, walking has become yet another  energy suck. For those who have never trained to do something like this, or even for those who have run a marathon, you may not realized how much work walking a marathon takes. It's an incremental process of building up to those 13.1 miles. However, walking one mile takes me 16-17 minutes. Saturday's walk will be 9 miles. Do the math. I spend my Saturday mornings walking and my Saturday afternoons recovering. I want my Saturdays back!!

September 11th I'll be stepping off to walk 13.1 miles. If the way I felt after walking a 10k last fall is any indication, crossing the finish line will be one of the high points of my life. After all, walking around the block was a challenge in the fall of 2009. Right now keeping it moving is as much of a challenge as taking those first steps.

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