Monday, August 15, 2011

Am I walking like a trader?

I've watched that video we saw at church yesterday probably 10 times now. I've already stumbled onto the path of trading what I have and what I do for more important things. The video gave it a name: A Trader.

I've been walking now for nearly 2 years and I've lost more than 100 lbs. I started walking when I started my new telecommuting job because I didn't want to sit through my one hour lunch break watching TV and eating too much. I started by walking around the block, which was insanely difficult. Little by little I added more distance to my walk. Then I started using Sparkpeople to track my exercise and what I was eating. Next thing I knew, I'd lost 20 lbs.

Using Sparkpeople I realized how much fat I was eating. I would easy run out of fat grams before I ran out of calories. I started looking for lower fat options, fish, chicken, turkey, vegetables. I discovered that, for me, lettuce is the delivery system for the salad dressing. I don't really like lettuce; my idea salad has a lot of other vegetables in it and the occasional piece of fruit.

Eventually, I shifted my walk from lunchtime to early morning because I couldn't get enough walking in at lunch time. The hour lunch break wasn't enough for walking, but I've been learning to use that time to just be quiet. I do the prep work for dinner. Or I close my eyes and unplug from the Matrix a bit.

Last fall I walked New Albany Walking Classic's 10k. This year I'm working on their 1/2 marathon. After I signed up my employer and the pregnancy center I support developed Marathons for Moms. I signed up as a walker. Yesterday's post about being a trader points right here. My job is helping non-profits with their fundraising walks and banquets. I also am walking to raise money for my local pregnancy center. These are things that are important to me. My work is more than a job. Walking is more than a way to lose weight. I'm using both as a way to help others. That makes me a trader.

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