Sunday, January 09, 2011

Our Texas Trip

The hubs and I flew to Texas last week to visit with our sons and to see the newest Barton, Moriah (born Christmas Day). We're still here and loving it, even though snow arrived today and I picked up a cold somewhere--probably from the woman next to me on the flight from Chicago to St. Louis. Still I'm very glad we came.

Yesterday we went to Central Market, a grocery store that I am tempted to relocate for. The produce section was amazingly the size of some markets alone with huge amount of organic produce. When we walked in the door, there were ruby red grapefruit so large that Bekah called them pumpkins. The fish and meat section had butchers, not just clerks. The wine and beer section was massive and then there was the rest of the store. We went on Saturday, so samples were on the agenda. Who needed lunch?

We drove back past the campus of Rose Bowl champions TCU. I was tempted to bring home a Rose Bowl shirt, but figured my Ohio State neighbors wouldn't be amused.

Today we visited my sons' church. Very nice congregation that seems to know the  meaning of worship. I have strong opinions on music in church and that it shouldn't resemble a concert. I want to hear the congregation singing, whether I'm off stage or on. I'm told that the congregation was a little light because of the pending bad weather, still I could hear those gathered for worship over those on the the stage. My younger son played percussion today. He tells me that the worship leader told the singers not to sing too loudly, only if the congregation needed help with the music. Apparently, it's not them performing but rather assisting the congregation in singing together. Mmmmm. I love that concept.

We'll be heading back on Tuesday. I'm not anxious to get back, but working from here on the laptop has not been the easiest thing to do. If I could hang out here longer, I certainly would. I know that I'm not waiting so long for the next visit.

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