Sunday, March 01, 2009

The need to protect pregnancy centers.

The time has come for life-affirming pregnancy centers and those involved in the pro-life movement to go on the offense, actively promoting the good that pregnancy centers do. A recent article in The Bulletin shows the renewal of threats--an outright campaign--against those who do the most good: Pregnancy Centers.

According to the Philadelphia newspaper, an e-mail was sent to college activists by the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Campus Program announcing a nationwide protest on April 13 against pregnancy care centers that provide free aid and abortion alternatives for women.

The sarcastic side of me wonders if they will stand outside of pregnancy centers with signs depicting babies and offers to kill them.

The realist in me knows that the so-called choice movement has been emboldened by the pro-abortion position of President Obama and the left-leaning Congress and is moving into action to stop pro-life pregnancy centers from giving information and services to women in need. After all, pregnancy centers, generally not-for-profit organizations funded by private donations, eat into the profit margin of abortion clinics.

The Bulletin quotes Virginia Cline of Heartbeat International, “Today, the abortion cartel is a multimillion dollar industry that encourages and promotes abortion for profit … Heartbeat pregnancy centers provide the crucial facts on fetal development and explain the physical and emotional risks of abortion that those selling abortion to women often leave out.”

In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing the good that pregnancy centers do and outlining some of the threats that pregnancy centers face. This is an important message that needs to spread like wildfire. Pregnancy centers are under attack and the pro-life movement must not let them fall.

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