Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thoughts on this week in Washington and What it Means for the Pro-life Movement

I've been mulling over this past week and the pro-life movement. Our new president, Barack Obama, was sworn in, and Obama's abortion agenda loomed overhead while thousands attended the March for Life. There was great concern that Obama might slap pro-lifers in the face with rescinding the Mexico City Policy on the anniversary of Roe V. Wade, however, he waited until take-out-the-trash Friday when it would be more difficult for the not-so-tech-savy Right to comment or report. No worries that the left-wing media will pick up that story and run with it. Besides, we knew that it would be one of his first acts in office, and we knew there was nothing we could do about it but lament--and pray.

I am happy to report, however, that Heartbeat International's Babies Go to Congress event was a hit. People responded well to the idea of taking moms and their babies saved from abortion by pregnancy centers to meet congress persons to show them that pregnancy centers are good for America. Heartbeat is encouraged enough to consider making this an annual event.

Also, Heartbeat's president, Peggy Hartshorn, was interviewed by several news outlets. Peggy has devoted her life to making abortion unthinkable. This interview on CBN is inspiring. Be sure to watch.

It is my belief that pregnancy centers are where the movement needs to be focusing. We need to promote their work as community organizations. We need to protect their work from abortion-lobby interference. And we need to get involved on that grass-roots community level. It is working in our communities where we might just do the most good.

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Chris Arsenault said...

Sandy -thanks for the post. In all the Blogs4Life an March4Life events I somehow missed the Babies go to Congress - what an awesome idea.

Several years ago my wife and I considered doing a book called "Redeemed" to tell the stories of those saved from abortion. Still would love to do it, but think it would be more powerful as a combo book/movie/website. That idea - of being saved from destruction at the last possible moment is where my blog name ThruFire comes from.

We had our state Rally for Life yesterday, and unfortunately it had the lowest turnout in years. While that bothers me, we're seeing an uptick in volunteer activities at CareNet.

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