Friday, December 26, 2008

Prolife PR

I recently read an article saying that the pro-life movement is changing directions with the election of Barack Obama. Supposedly, the movement is shifting to providing care rather than attempting to strike down Roe v. Wade. Obviously, the writers were unaware of the history of the pregnancy centers.

Since before Roe v. Wade, caring people in communities all over the country set up pregnancy help centers to reach women in "crisis pregnancies". These were people who knew that women need real options, not just the "right" to have an abortion. They needed help in making an adoption plan or in finding ways to be able to raise their child.

Today's pregnancy care centers often have medical staff, ultrasounds, fertility education, and abortion recovery programs. They don't get the coverage that protests or anti-abortion legislation gets, but they are on the front lines meeting the needs of women and families. Unlike Planned Parenthood, pregnancy help centers generally don't charge for their services and generally don't received funding from the government (although some abstinence programs do receive funds).

These centers are at risk of being shut down because those who support a woman's right to choose don't want women to have access to other options. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that pregnancy centers cut into their profit margin. Planned Parenthood makes money on contraception and on abortion. They don't want their clients going elsewhere for free care.

Another option, however, is that there is a fundamental difference in the philosophy of both sides of the abortion coin. Many on the pro-abortion side truly believe that a women is hindered by having a child, or even the risk of having a child. The Sexual Revolution grew out of Margaret Sanger's writings (among others) and the perceived need for women to be able to have the same cavalier attitude about sex that men have. We've reached that point. Women have affairs as frequently as men, they watch porn and emulate the actresses. No wonder motherhood, abstinence, and fidelity are seen as out of date.

Pregnancy centers have been around longer than Roe v. Wade, but they need to have better PR. They are in the forefront of the battle, but they are the last place receiving support. The battleground hasn't changed from the Congress to providing care for moms in need. That is the battleground. It's time that people noticed.

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