Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Flipsyde - Happy Birthday

This is a powerful song from a post-abortive dad. He's learning from his mistakes and making a stand for life. We had some discussion at work about the line, "I won’t tell a woman what to do with her body; but if she don’t like children, we can’t party." Here's what I wrote: </p><p>"But at least he’s making a stand for what he finds important, and he’s taking the conversation in a different direction. He’s making the point of saying I’m not going to be involved in a woman who’s going to make a choice for abortion. Now, there are all kinds of issues there. He’s not saying he’s not going to stop sleeping around either. But for a member of the relativistic generation, he’s actually decided on a right and a wrong."

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nafisa said...

Wow, that is powerful. It makes me so much more thankful to be involved in the organization(s) that I am to keep people from going through that. Thanks for posting the video :)