Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weird Weekend

This was a weird weekend.

It started off with finding out that someone had tapped into my checkcard and helped themselves to a couple of thousand dollars worth of computer gear. I kinda feel like one of those commercials with the old woman talking with the voice of a hacker kid.

Yep, they've got web hosting and a notebook computer and who knows how much other digital equipment. And to top it off, they started the whole run with two donations to charity. I guess it eased their consciences.

After talking to the bank, I followed through with my plans to go to the Bluegrass Musicians Supply shop here in town. I got to play with a really nice electric autoharp, and then E and I listened to some jams in the basement. Next time I go, I'm taking a harp. I need to try out those new picks I bought.

Today was the family reunion in Wellston. Lots of good food and wacky family. It's one of those things that you don't necessarily want to do, but it's fun when you get there.

One of the family members mentioned being my inlaw's best man at their wedding. So, I asked him if he knew anything about the limburger cheese on the manifold of the wedding vehicle. He said, "Now, why would you think I would know anything about that? I don't know anything more than I know about the swiss cheese in the mailbox." I'd never heard about the swiss cheesed mailbox, so I figured I'd found the perp. The twinkle in his eyes told me I was right.


Rehj said...


what do you mean by "cinti" anyway?

Rehj said...

no, he emailed me just now, but i dont have a phone that i can use at the moment to call anybody. I emailed him back, but i bet if you give me three chances, i could guess what the news is! :P

and by Cincinatti i mean, "im not sure what you mean by Cincinatti."

Theres deffinately a "Kentucky" possibility in my life, but a Cincinatti thing, now THAT i must have missed the memo upon's.

Rehj said...

oh, is that a picture of Granny boiling in hot fudge?


Rehj said...

I FEEL it friend!

As for the "CINCI" gig, I'm trying to straighten things out with that as well. I JKust got an email from my friend Doug who was a proffessor at the Art Institute till this quarter and is now working at the Museum, and let him know that my phone is down hoping he'll pass along the message.

ALSO, my mom's condo in Col. sold a couple days ago! exiting news AS WELL as Isaac,s news! (Issac,s?) I want to be there so help me make sure i am!! d I also have an interview for a job here in Pittsburgh in an hour, so that is also prayer worthy. If you get my drift. Oh, and i ove the Library. Just like you guys. :P