Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Music to Keep the boredom away.

One of the things about the boredom of my job is that I can listen to music. My autoharping led me to CD Baby, where I purchased my Brobdingnagian Bards CDs. CD Baby lets you listen to clips from CDs, and there are pages by theme, style, etc. So, I'll find something interesting and listen while I work. Some of it has been just a little weird, but here are some of my favorites--with or without the autoharp.

Graphic Recliner
ECOSSE: The Auld Alliance
Gene Moore: I Give Up

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Rehj said...

I just found out about this thing called Pandora this afternoon. My friend Megan showed it to me. It's like a massive library of music, but specificaly designed in such a way as to enable you to tell it what kind of music you enjoy, own to riffs, keys, melody, and it will try and play music that matches your taste. The makers of pandora sat down and attempted to devide music into "genetic codes" of sorts and made a program based on that idea. It is also free.