Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The New and Improved Bar

It's spring and time for a little house cleaning. I put a new coat of paint on the blog, a new template that reflects my "sandbar"ness, so to speak. Expect to see some of the more morose, SAD-afflicted posts deleted. I'm considering starting another blog for my puppetry/theatre/sewing interests and leaving this one for rambling. But, I like "Crossing the Bar", so maybe I'll just pull up an adirondack chair and push my toes down in the sand for a spell.

I'm hoping to get some pictures from "The Lion in Winter". The you can see how well the costuming turned out. Meanwhile, here's a little something from the puppetry files. This is me with Feathers LaBoa and the Goose of Christmas Past.

So, pardon me now while I pour a glass of Aunt Pearl's Sweet Tea and relax.


nafisa said...

yay! you posted again! and yay for Aunt Pearl's sweet tea, I love it!

Rehj said...

AAAAA!! PUPPETS!! i DO de-cl-A'i Mr. Boregard!

thank you alot for that postie thingie. it helps knowin that theres people, even states away that care. you rok.

and what is adirondack? apparently you can make shairs from it, but can you make cakes, or boulion, or perhaps a spaceship from it? it sounds suspiciously comfortable.