Sunday, May 28, 2006

My wacky Great Grandfather

You may have discovered the new link in the Link section called "Meet my wacky Great Grandfather". If you've known me for any length of time, you know that I like to dabble in genealogy. Over the years I've discovered connections to English royalty (like most of the cast of Shakespeare's histories), Robert Jemison Van de Graff, the creator of the Van de Graff generator (that thing at COSI that makes your hair stand up), and that whole bunch of Boisfeuillet's who left a castle to my uncle (he didn't take it). Well, now I've started a blog (with the help of my cousin Peggy) to record what we've learned about Dr. James Charles Oakshette.

Dr. O is one of those people who don't really seem real. The legends are amazing. We grew up hearing that his second wife was related to Nathan Hale; that he was a missionary to the Dakotas; that he was Oxford-educated and continued his education until his death. Well some of this is just family legend. Mary Hale isn't related to Nathan Hale. Oxford has no record of his attending school there. But he was a missionary. He did start the Baha'i congregation in Atlanta. He was a homeopathic physician and later studied law to save his medical practice.

So, check in on Dr. O's blog from time to time to see what other fun Dr. O has gotten himself into. You might discover more about me and my family than you'd ever want to know.

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