Saturday, March 18, 2006

One week later. . .

I'm trying to find the balance between staying involved and running for cover. A big part of me wants to just let everything drop while I sink into the slough of despond. The logical part, however, knows that I have to keep on keeping on. I do need to reassess some of my involvement in some areas. I was gone every night last week, except for Friday when I couldn't make the retreat meeting because I needed to take the dog to the vet. I'm just overly busy right now and it's my fault.

I did spend some much needed time writing the press release for the National Day of Puppetry and a script for "The Three Billy Goats Gruff". I've been wanting to create a puppet show that I can do solo. TBGG is the first attempt.

I'm also costuming and set dressing "The Lion in Winter" for Bread and Circus. I get to play with medieval costuming and that's always fun. I will have to build some things from scratch.

So, after writing this three times and having it crash twice when I put in the html code for the links, I'm hoping to press publish and go to bed.



Rehj said...

GO publish

Sandy B said...

I'm sooooooooo happy that it worked!!

Holly said...

Hey Sandy,
So when are we going out? I want to talk to you not just read about you!! Ok well that would kind of blow the whole trying not to do so much thing, but I miss you!!! (this is the part where I guilt you into spending time with me :0) haha ok well if anything, at least I will see you at church. I love you!

Rehj said...

hey, i wanted to let you know... that elephant photo: i found it on the internet and i thought of you. it is literaly unbelievable. it is a three story puppet, i dont know how many puppeteers it has, but i saw a photo of one of the guys on this little chair with a bunch of levers in front of him, and it was his job to control just one of the legs as this elephant puppet walks through the city.

i thought of you the whole time!!

also, you can find abunch of pictures of that mask of minte at
Just look through the gallery, you'll find em.

Rehj said...

here. try this.

Rehj said...

not yet. i'm not sure how to do that, unfortunately.

Rehj said...

yea, i'll be able to check stuff out, its just tough being sucked dry with school.
and i'd love to live with you, but being in pittsburgh is, you know, just closer to school, that's all!

STAIN LIFTER!!! that's all...