Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Insanity Run Amuck

Tech week of my show that goes up on Friday--The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswoman's Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery. I'm pleased to say that it looks pretty good. (I tell my cast that it doesn't look bad--keep 'em striving for improvement). However, at the same time I had to alter 6 dresses for a wedding and do massive mailings at my day job. I'm working on publicity for the Columbus Puppetry Guild's National Day of Puppetry, and thinking in the background what I could perform if we don't get all the slots filled. I'm also looking at scripts for the next play. My home's a wreck, my family misses me (I think--at least they're missing dinner) and. . .

Insanity has crept into my life and I'm ready for things to take a giant step backward. I need some quiet time, but I'm grateful that through most of the chaos that I've been able to sense the Ever-presence of Father. For the most part (with some exceptions) I've been pretty calm through it all. It was when I got buried in the now and I forgot to look up that I got cranky.


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